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I have been making hand-made cards for many years, starting with drawings and paintings as a child, and for the past few years I have made all my greetings cards. As I learnt each new craft I put it into practice and my cards became more and more complex : many are now featured on D-D-Designs - click here if you would like to visit that site.

I had reached the point where it was so long ago since I had bought a card that I had no idea how much cards cost in the shops so when I went with my daughter to a card shop where she was buying a card and saw the prices I had a major shock! I knew that there were others out there who would also not be able to pay such prices but would love to be able to give beautiful cards so I went home and started sorting through my collection so that I could share some of them with you. I have also included some of the gifts I have made too.

The machine embroideries on this site are all made for a small hoop so should be suitable for all embroidery machines: the maximum dimensions of the embroideries are 3½ x 4¾ inches, with many smaller. I have digitised them initially as SEW files, but most of the designs are also available to download directly from this site as PES, HUS, JEF and DST, and a few also in PCS and XXX too. These are the only formats I have conversion files for.

If you do come across one that you would like but hasn't got the files on the page, please just click here to email me and tell me which one it is and what format you use and I will send it to you, but please don't ask for 'all of my designs' to be sent to you because that just isn't possible!

Please read and respect my Terms and Conditions (click to go to Terms page) before you decide to use any of my designs.

This website and all designs, text, images etc. are copyright © Dianne. G. Davies 2008/2010. All rights reserved.



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